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Breeze Products Private Labeling Formulation


Available at your fingertips, help create unique products or utilize our renowned and irreplaceable Breeze Blends.

Options are but not limited to:
  • Current existing stock formulas, no changes needed.
  • Existing formulas modified with colors, percentages, consistency/ texture, additives or other ingredients. This creates a fresh new original formula exclusive to your company. (Sunless Solutions, Self-Tanners, Lotions, Gels, Body Wash, Exfoliators, Skincare, Haircare, Petcare, Facial Serums and More!)
  • Breeze Product can also reverse-engineer products that you already have come to like; however, customize it to fit you and your needs as a company.
  • Have a new concept or idea? We will have our chief chemist evaluate the product you are wishing to have created.  If the project needs to be delegated to another company, Breeze will be more than happy to refer you to other reputable businesses that will help you on your journey.


Customization is our specialty! Breeze offers a variety of containers and lid options. 

Options are but not limited to:
  • Some popular choice sizes are 1oz, 4.2oz, 6.7oz, 8oz, 16oz, Quarts, Gallons, Drums and Totes. Plus, many more not listed.
  • Never forced into 1 type of packaging.
  • Have your own packaging? As long as it fits into our manufacturing guidelines, we are happy to use your bottles.

Design & Artwork

Work with some of our graphic artsists or use your own professional team.

Options are but not limited to:
  • Our preferred designers will be able to assist you from branding concepts, label design, web design and more!
  • Have your own design team? Perfect! We work with other designers regularly and love supporting your team. 


Minimum Order Quantities

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You need to find a manufacture that provides the right products, a price line that fits your budget and a company that allows you to order your optimal number of units.

  • Most formulas MOQs are 5 gallons / 20 Liters.
  • There are exceptions:
    • Smaller runs, call our office and ask to speak to a private label representative or fill out the below form.
    • Any critical change in a formula that may require a higher MOQ.


This is very dependent on your goals.  Talk to your private label representative and they will be able to see how we will fit into your timeline goals.


You get to be apart of the costing process. Breeze’s goals are to help mold into your parameters not the other way around.  The formula and components will play into the costing range, which can vary from economical to luxurious high-end formulas to somewhere in the middle. Contact us for more information.

As entrepreneurs we not only understand
the meaning of ownership,
we encourage it with our clients.
– Breeze Products

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