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Our Mission Statement

Breeze Products is a family owned and operated company since 1998 (over 20 years!) We are based out of the sunny Tampa Bay area in Florida, go Bucs, Bolts and Rays!  We started Breeze Products with a goal and a mission: to manufacture and deliver the best consistent quality products for our company and yours, in the skincare industry.

How: Just like every industry, technology, products and ingredients change.  We become more aware of what we not only put into our bodies but also on them.  Breeze meets regularly with top national and international vendors to stock the newest and most novel ingredients for our brands.    Our leading chemist and marketing team works hand in hand to stay on the pulse of market trends and skin changing ingredients.

Why:  This is so important to us as a manufacture to deliver the finest and most luxurious products for our clients.  To also give our clients the opportunity to help create their own products too.

Sandy started Breeze Products with the late Michael Lemle with the vision and purpose to deliver and discover the best innovated product for clients and their clients to grow and glow.

Meet Us


Chief Chatter

Meet Sandy Akl, she is one of the founding owners of Breeze Products. From a young age Sandy learned the value of a strong work ethic which was

instilled by her parents. Her charming charisma combined with the influential sales traits passed down to her made Sandy the strong female entrepreneur she is today.

From college Sandy had the opportunity to travel the world connecting with different ideas of beauty and culture while working in the field of interior design. She worked for 2 years for the MODA (Military of Defense Aviation)

military branch of Saudi Arabia.  She implemented the design work for the 650 bed Taif Hospital in the Kingdom, from the King’s suites fixtures in solid gold to preparing and modernizing 23 apartment buildings for incoming staff.

Traveling throughout the Middle East and Europe was the highlight of those years. Returning to the States came with an added bonus with the birth of Sandy’s only child Tania. Raising her and getting her into school allowed her to focus

back on her career. Becoming an interior designer in South Tampa for many years was enjoyable and challenging but the manufacturing industry was where her goals were set. Representing commercial tile products Sandy focused on new

projects for the company from the Key West Naval Base, Bank of America, to Sarasota Intl. Airport.

Sandy knew she had a deep love and fascination for the design, fashion, and beauty industries. Her goal was to combine all her passions together into a career that was fulfilling for her.

She enjoys manufacturing cosmetics and helping other entrepreneurs develop their ideas and turn them into their businesses.

Fast forward to 1996. Sandy met her partner Mike Lemle. Her strong work ethic and spunky personality caught his attention. Mike and his partner (Zeke/the malamute) had been in the indoor tanning industry for many years selling lotions.

With their combined knowledge they created what is now known as Breeze Products. The Zeke lotion line was retired and blossomed into Breeze a cosmetic manufacturer who’s mainly in the sunless tanning industry. Breeze grew quite dramatically

over the next 10 years, then sadly Mike passed away leaving Sandy to run the business. She now has worked harder than ever to keep the business thriving and current now for over 23 years. With her daughter Tania by her side they have taken the business

into a private label manufacturer that takes someone’s dreams and turns it into reality.

On a personal note, Sandy loves spending time with her Grandson and her daughter, She enjoys her ice tea from Dunkin daily along with playing golf and tennis while watching her sports teams: Bucs, Rays, and Bolts


Chief Inspirational Officer

Meet Tania, Tania is our Chief Inspirational Officer.  Tania works closely with all teams at Breeze Products.  She loves interacting with private label clients helping to create their perfect product.    She has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Florida State University and has been with Breeze since 2008.  Tania has had hands on experience with every aspect of the company.  From front desk to master blender to executive management, she has done it all. Her breadth of talent uniquely qualifies her as an invaluable member of the Breeze Team.  She has the ability and passion to turn our clients’ visions and into reality.   When she is not working hard for you, she is spending time with her husband, son and fur baby. Hobbies include, ballroom dancing, floating in the pool, online gaming, college football and a deep love for big dogs!


Creator of Opportunities

Meet Ashley, she started her journey with Breeze Products in 2016.  With her love for the beauty industry, exuberant personality and bachelor’s degree in Managerial Marketing we knew she would be a perfect fit.

She is our National Sales Director and also enjoys running our social media outlets. Ashley’s natural strength of connecting with others on a personal level allows her to forge long-lasting relationships with her clients and their business.  Outside of work she stays very busy being a wife and mother to three beautiful girls.  She enjoys crafting, fishing, the beach and going on new adventures with her family.


Evil Genius

When Alex was 10, his parents gave him a chemistry set for Christmas. That chemistry set, along with a microscope he also received, became one of his favorite pastimes for years to come. This interest followed him into his adulthood, studying microbiology and chemistry at university.

His first job out of school was as a research microbiologist, but that quickly transitioned to a research and development chemist position. He worked for the likes of Johnson and Johnson and the National Institutes of Health before starting his own research and development company aimed to service small and medium sized businesses in the Intermountain West and Pacific Northwest. After a few years, he closed his business, and retired near his birthplace in the high mountains south of Mexico City, while also spending time close to his parents in the States.

Aside from his love of science, he loves spending time in the outdoors. He’s climbed a number of century (over 14,000’) peaks in Southwest Colorado, as well as climbing the Tetons in Idaho. He now spends his time in Florida, enjoying the beaches, spending time with his family, friends, and his dog.


International Peddler

Meet Johanne, she is our Director of International Sales and has been with us since 2009.  Johanne has a genuine passion for people, and for helping her customers solve their problems and achieve their goals. Being from Canada, she loves having the opportunity to be involved in international sales and connecting with people from across the globe.

Outside of work Johanne enjoys donating time to her church as well as spending quality time with her family, especially her newest members her granddaughter and grandson. She is an avid reader and enjoys cooking and going to the movies. Plus skydiving!


"The Man"

Meet Steve our production manager. Steve is responsible for overseeing our production process, coordinating all operations and activities.  Steve works hand in hand with our chemist and manufacturing engineer to take the conception of a product from paper to reality.  Steve is originally from upstate New York and now resides in sunny Florida.  Outside of work he enjoys spending time on his boat fishing, playing his guitar, and trying to stay sane with three daughters!